30th Anniversary Trivia Challenge - Last Week!

It's here!  It's finally here!  Today is the last week of the 30th Anniversary Trivia Challenge!  We've got a tight race  - it's down to the wire and the answers to this week's question will determine our grand prize winner.  I've chosen a category that seems to be one of your favorites because I always get tons of answers when I use it.  So, without further ado, today's topic is:

Common Denominators

What do Christer Fuglesang, Clayton Anderson and Yuri Malenchenko have in common?

There's no time to waste!  Email your answer to wizard@oexusa.com before next Wednesday for a chance to win:

 A $10 Starbucks Gift Card!

A $10 Starbucks Gift Card!

Good Luck!

The winner of the 30th Anniversary Trivia Challenge will receive a Safco Onyx Powered Monitor Stand!  Keep your eyes glued to our blog for the big announcement!


Last week's question was:  What are the "dog days of summer" named after? (This is the time period between July 3 and August 11.)

Answer:  The Dog Star - Sirius, in the Canis Major constellation


 Don't worry - the trivia game will continue on after the challenge is over.  If you love trivia, come back again next week to test your skills!