Trivia Contest - Win A Prize!

Welcome back!  It's Trivia Day!

You all did great on last week's question - I guess we have a lot of Mickey D's fans out there!  Let's see how you do this week.  Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to answer this question about:

Numbers Trivia

What is the only number whose letters are in alphabetical order?

Email your answer to before the end of the day Tuesday, Oct. 18 for a chance to win:

An Astrobright Color Pop Journal in your choice of color!

Good Luck!


Last week's question was:  Only 1 McDonald's in the world has turquoise arches.  Where is it located?  I'll toss in a bonus prize if you can tell me why they're turquoise.

Answer:  Sedona, Arizona. The government in Sedona thought yellow would look bad with the natural red rock of the city and destroy the picturesque desert landscape.


Thanks for playing!  See you here next week.  Be sure to check out our other blogs as well!