Trivia Contest - Win A Prize!

We all know the golden arches.  I LOVED McDonald's as a kid - they had the best french fries around, bar none.  Well, they've changed their fry recipe and I only eat there once in a blue moon now (healthy living and all that stuff.........).  But for all you Mickey D's fanatics, I have an interesting trivia question today. 

McDonald's Trivia

Only 1 McDonald's in the world has turquoise arches.  Where is it located?  I'll toss in a bonus prize if you can tell me why they're turquoise.

Email your answer to by the end of the day Tuesday, Oct. 11 for a chance to win:

A $10 iTunes Gift Card!

Good Luck!


Last week's question was:  What is the sum of all the numbers on a roulette wheel?

Answer: 666


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