Trivia Contest - Win a Prize!

Hello Everyone!  Did you enjoy your holiday break?  Great!  Well, it's time to put on your thinking caps and play the Trivia Quiz!

Today you need to summon all your knowledge on the topic of:

American History

In 1942, this aviator became the first naval recipient of the Medal of Honor in World War II and the first naval flying ace.  Who is he?

Email your answer to by the end of the day Tuesday, July 11 for a chance to win:

A 28 oz. tub of assorted flavor Tootsie Rolls!

Good Luck!


Last question:  What's the difference between a hurricane, a typhoon and a cyclone?

Answer:  The location where the storm occurs.  In the Atlantic Ocean and the Northeast Pacific, the term hurricane is used.  Typhoon is used in the Northwest Pacific and cyclone is used in the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean.  They're all the same weather phenomenon - we just use different names in different places.


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