Trivia Contest - Win A Prize!

Here we are again - Trivia Day!  Last week I did some TV Trivia and I'm in the mood to do some more this week - BUT - I'm going back a little bit further.  Today's topic is:

1960's TV Trivia

What was the name of Buffy's doll on Family Affair?

Email your answer to before the end of the day Tues, Nov. 22 for a chance to win:

An assortment of sticky notes in fun shapes and sizes!

Good Luck!


Last week's question was:  Which TV detective made "$200 a day plus expenses."?  Who belongs to the catch phrase "Works for me."?  You had to get both questions correct to win.

Answer:  Jim Rockford (The Rockford Files) and Rick Hunter (Hunter)


I have a quick question for all my trivia players.  What kind of prizes do you like to win in the Trivia Contest - do you prefer products from our catalog or do you like the gift cards better?  Let me know your opinion - email me or post a comment here.  Thanks in advance for your feedback!