New in Technology: Air Mouse GO Plus

The Air Mouse GO Plus isn't new on the market, but it is new to our product assortment.  It's a mouse that can eliminate the need for multiple presentation devices.  With this mouse, you can control your desktop from up to 100 feet away, use it as a laser pointer, onscreen pen, highlighter or remote.  It's really pretty cool.  Take a look:

As you can see in the video, it only takes a wave of your hand to operate the Air Mouse GO Plus.  This would be a great item not only for conference rooms but also for teachers.  Think of the versatility it offers!  Teachers can move around the room and interact with the students while explaining the lesson.  The motion sensing technology recognizes your gestures and uses your hand movements to control applications and activate tools for interacting with your content.  It has 3 programmable buttons, USB connectivity, is compatible with both Mac and PC, has an ambidextrous design and the batteries (replaceable and rechargeable) are included.

This is the ideal mouse for anyone who makes presentations.  It is also available as a set with a wireless keyboard, which allows for wireless text entry.  You can see the Air Mouse GO Plus Combo with Compact Keyboard on our website.