Online Print Ordering!

I've talked briefly about our custom printing website in the past and today I'd like to take you on a tour to show you how easy it is to use.  Our site,, has multiple functionalities. We can create a portal for your company with a document library that lists all the custom printed items that you buy from us and you can select what you need and place your order online. We can set up templates for your business cards that enable you to enter the information for the cards, see an instant proof, approve the proof and place your order - all in just a few minutes!  Don't want to set up an account?  No worries!  You can upload a file, place an order or request an estimate - all as a guest user.

Let's start that walkthrough I mentioned.  I'll show you how to place a business card order.


Here's the home page -

At OEX, the print department manager likes to say that we eat our own dog food - meaning that when our employees need business cards, they go to the printing website and place their order online - so we'll use our site as a demo and assume that your company has set up a portal with us.

From the home page, click on Customer Login in the upper right corner.  You can also login from the center of the page, as shown by the arrow in the picture above.

This takes you to the sign in screen.  Enter your username and password and click Enter Your Site. If you need a username or have forgotten your password, just click on the appropriate link to have that information sent to you.

On the left side of the screen is a menu.  Click on Document Library.

Now select Business Cards and choose a quantity.

Business cards.png

Fill in the information requested and click Preview.

Review the proof.  If you need to change something, click Modify to go back and edit.  In this case, everything looks great!  Click Order.

Review the details of your order.

 Add your contact information and any additional details like a purchase order number or shipping instructions.  At the very bottom, click Submit Request.

That's it - you're done!  Your order is placed, the proof is approved and it will be on its way to the production floor.

We can also set up approval processes if you need it.  Just designate the person who will be the approver and we can set it up so that any orders placed will be sent to the approver for review and won't come to us until and unless they are approved.

Whatever you need, we can handle it.  Take us for a test drive and see how simple custom printing can be!