2015 - The Year of Fashionable Office Supplies

Ladies - Are you tired of carrying the same BORING black laptop bags and using run-of-the-mill office supplies? Does your office look tired?  Do you feel tired sitting in your office?

Well, give it some life!  Who says corporate has to be drab?  Sure, there are certain types of office supplies that have always come in colors (file folders, correction tape, pens, highlighters, sticky notes) but I'll bet I've got some here that you haven't seen.  Let's give your office some pizzazz!

For the fashionistas out there, let's start by getting rid of that old laptop bag.  Introducing...........the Femme Floral Computer Tote!

The Buxton Femme Floral Ladies Computer Tote is made of faux leather and has a padded interior section that will fit up to a 15.6" widescreen laptop. It has an interior mesh pocket that is the perfect size for a tablet or e-reader.  It zips closed and has 2 side pockets on the outside that would be perfect for a cell phone or glasses.  Best of all, it's my favorite color - PINK!  How cool is that? 

Then, to add to our feminine touch, we have some beautifully designed appointment books and monthly calendars by At-A-Glance.  Because I'm a pink & purple girl, I like the Beautiful Day series the best.  There are 3 versions - a premium professional weekly/monthly 8.5 x 11, a premium desk weekly/monthly 4-7/8 x 8, and a premium professional monthly 8.5 x 11.  They have holiday listings, 3 year reference calendars, events calendar, contacts pages, notes pages and Julian dates.  The -900 style is refillable, the other two are not.

If you're not so into purple, At-A-Glance offers a few other pretty series - Poetica, which has an Old World feel to it, Sorbet, which is a brown and pink floral, and Madrid, which, although it is black, is designed in an elegant scroll pattern to give a definite feminine feel.

Now let's talk some more style, ladies.  Your desk makes a statement.  Look around - what does yours say about you?  Does it scream for help?  Let's answer that cry.  Swingline has a series of acrylic desk accessories that would be perfect for the career woman.  These accessories are contemporary, sleek, sophisticated and just plain smart-looking. The clear acrylic reminds me of diamonds and I like the combination of rounded and square edges.  Here are a few pieces from the collection:

See the entire line here.

If you have a lot of stress in your job (OK, who doesn't?), I offer to you the Fellowes Photo Gel Wrist Supports for keyboard and mouse. They have 2 fun designs - flowers and sandy beach. Just imagine yourself in a beautiful garden or on a beach at St. Tropez.....................................

There is a mouse pad, a keyboard pad, and a utility pad available in both of these designs.

There is a mouse pad, a keyboard pad, and a utility pad available in both of these designs.

Here's one that I'll bet you haven't seen.  Perk yourself up when you're doing mailings with the Brecknell colored electronic postal scales.  That's right - they have pink and blue scales that can liven up your office!

And while we're on the subject of mailing, did you know that you don't have to settle for boring white or brown mailing tubes?  Take a look at these:

These are Quality Park Expand-on-Demand mailing tubes.  They expand from flat to 4-3/4" without tape and are sold as a set of 3 - one of each of the designs you see here.

The last item on my list today is neither fashionable nor colorful, but it's fun and it's so darn cute that I had to show it to you.  It's the Post-it® cat-shaped pop-up note dispenser - isn't this just adorable?  I LOVE it!  (And you can make it colorful with your choice of colors of the notes.)

These are just a few of the items we have to spruce up your office.  Try some out and let us know what you think - we love hearing from you!