Trivia Contest - Win a Prize!

Do you like to watch Jeopardy? How about Wheel of Fortune? They both use a particular category in their assortment of puzzles and I thought I’d do a question in that category today, but I’m not going to do it the same way they do. Curious? Cool!

Today’s topic is:

Before and After

What word can come before “standard,” “record,” “rush” or “coast”


after “old,” “rose,” “liquid” or “black”?


Email your answer to before the end of the day Friday, June 7 for a chance to win":

A 14 oz can of Pirouline wafer cookies!

Good Luck!

Last Question: Match the character with their pet.

Answer: Charlie Brown/Snoopy, Jon Arbuckle/Garfield, Fred Flintstone/Dino, George Jetson/Astro, ALaddin/Abu, Princess Jasmine/Rajah, The Brady Bunch/Tiger, Calvin/Hobbes, Jack Byrnes/Mr. Jinx.

Hope you got it right! Be sure to check out our other blogs for helpful tips, useful information and, of course, more trivia!