Flint Water Donation

Flint Water Donation

The residents of Flint, MI are dealing with an incredible crisis that doesn't seem to have an end in sight any time soon.  As the entire country is aware, the water being supplied to Flint is tainted with high levels of lead, which is completely unsafe and has resulted in numerous health problems for citizens as well as a lack of safe water for drinking, cooking and bathing.

In an effort to help our neighbors, Office Express is holding a water drive.  We want to fill our trucks to the brim!  How can you help?  Simple - just add item OEXH2OEX to your online cart or fax or tell the representative you speak with that you would like to donate a case of water to the Flint Water Drive and we'll take care of the rest.  For every case you purchase, Office Express will match a case and there is no limit to the number you may donate.

Support Our Troops This Veteran's Day

Support Our Troops This Veteran's Day

Today your community may have a ceremony at city hall or a parade to honor our nation's veterans.  A few people will attend, but not as many as will attend the Christmas parade next month.  In a nation that was born out of conflict and earned its freedom through the valiant efforts of its armed forces, we tend to take that freedom for granted.  Political views overshadow the tremendous sacrifices made by all our troops and the indisputable fact that We the People would not have the liberties we enjoy were it not for our armed services.

Charity Spotlight: Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program™

Charity Spotlight:  Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program™

Recently, I was learned of a unique charity called Gabe's My Heart and a program that it offers called Gabe's Chemo Duck Program™.  I want to share this story with you because I'm certain that you will be as touched by it as I was.

Gabe's My Heart is a nonprofit organization that was founded by Lu Sipos, whose son, Gabe, was diagnosed with cancer just one week before his first birthday.  As she and her husband struggled to deal with their own emotions, Lu tried to find some way to help Gabe. Her beautiful boy endured nine months of chemotherapy treatments, radiation and numerous surgeries during his first two years of life.  Lu came up with the idea for Chemo Duck Program as a way to give Gabe a companion that could provide comfort to him  as well as help him understand his illness.

Charity Spotlight: Dan the Coffee Man

Charity Spotlight:  Dan the Coffee Man


Some of you may have seen this already, but I wanted to share this for those who haven't.  This story appeared in the May 13 edition of the Detroit News and is also on Facebook.  

This is an amazing story about an incredibly generous man named Dan Dewey, from Gingerville, MI, who for the past 9 years has provided free Starbucks coffee to the staff and chemo patients at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Michigan Cancer Institute, Royal Oak Beaumont Rose Cancer Center and CARE House of Oakland County.   


Local Spotlight - No More Homeless Pets

Local Spotlight - No More Homeless Pets

This is a subject that is close to my heart and I want to share it with you.  Even if your company is not in the Detroit area, you can still help in your own community by organizing a similar project.

Jared Martin, an Eagle Scout candidate from Boy Scout Troop 1707 in Troy is hosting a pet adoption event, which he is calling No More Homeless Pets, this Saturday, April 18th, at the Animal Welfare Society of Southeastern Michigan.  He is also collecting donations (both monetary and goods) for the shelter.