A Healthier Way to Clean

Spring is just around the corner and many of you are already planning your spring cleaning projects - home, office, school, etc.  What products will you use?  There certainly are a lot of different brands to choose from - and most of them contain harsh chemicals.  If you are concerned about the effect these chemicals have on your health, or if you want to be green and environmentally friendly, consider the CleanSmart product line.  

The pictures above are just two of the items available.  CleanSmart is a line of cleaning products that includes cleaners for the home, office, and nursery as well as hand care.  They are formulated without harsh chemicals or fumes and are food surface safe.  They kill 99.9% of germs (MRSA, cold, flu, strep, staph, RSV, E.Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, HIV, herpes) and are classified as EPA Hospital Grade disinfectants.  CleanSmart is even  approved for use in hospital neonatal care units - around the most fragile babies.  They're great for schools, day care, and restaurants as well as your home or office.

So how do they do it?  CleanSmart uses only Hypochlorous acid, which is non-toxic to humans, animals and the environment.  Its effectiveness as a disinfectant and its safety has been verified by independent research labs.  Hypochlorous acid dissolves to plain saline water after it works - there is no need to rinse with these products and there are no known health risks. They're safe on food contact surfaces, toys, pacifiers, are alcohol-free and great for sensitive skin.

We carry a good portion of the line, but there are some items that we have to special order - mostly the baby care items.  Call our Customer Service Department if you're interested in more information or would like to order those products.