A Simple Way To Make Better Looking Presentations

Do your reports look polished and professional?  Do you have crisp, vibrant pie charts and pictures?  Does your boss compliment you on the great job you did putting it together?

If not, the solution may be as simple as changing the paper that you print it on.   Standard copy paper is good for black and white, everyday-type reports, but documents printed in color look best on paper that is designed specifically for color printing.   Color copy paper is heavier, extra bright and ultra smooth.  It offers a better surface for the toner to adhere to and, therefore, creates better quality images.

One brand that I'm sure you're familiar with is Hammermill papers.  Hammermill offers a line called Color Copy Digital, which comes in both text and cover stock.

This line is available in many sizes, ranging from 8.5 x 11 to 12 x 18, a couple different weights and is acid-free for archival quality.  It is designed for laser printers and color copiers.  It's photo white and offers a 99.99% jam-free guarantee.  If you would like a glossy finish, try Hammermill's Color Laser Gloss.

Don't have a laser printer?  Try Hammermill's Inkjet paper.

This paper is 96 bright, 24lb and is also acid-free.  It has a special formulation that minimizes ink absorption and speeds drying time.  It will give you the same sharp, clear images as the Color Copy Digital, but on your inkjet printer.

Color reports and presentations look better on paper that is designed for color printing.  They make bolder blacks and brighter colors.  And they make you look really good too!