All Things Green

This month our theme is “Lean, Mean and Green!” and we’re featuring eco-friendly and recycled products.

Of course, the starting point (if you haven’t already done it) is to get recycling bins for your office. There are indoor ones for desk and kitchen, outdoor styles, color coded options, plastic ones, stainless steel ones - just tons of options. Start by getting your office organized and make sure everyone knows where the bins are and what they’re for. Then arrange for a service to pick up your recyclables weekly.

You’re off to a great start! Now it’s time to switch to some more environmentally friendly cleaning products. It’s really easy to go buy our favorite brands without looking at the ingredients, but we all need to do more to protect our world. You may think that eco-friendly products won’t clean as well or be as durable as “normal” products, but the ones I’ve switched to in my house work just as well or better than the well-known name brands. I’m particularly fond of Seventh Generation brand cleaners.

Moving along to the breakroom …… How about some eco-friendly/recycled paper products - plates, cups, napkins or cutlery?

And the restrooms - paper towel, facial tissue and bathroom tissue?

OK - those are the typical types of items that people think of when you say “recycled” or “eco-friendly,” but did you realize that even things like the desk accessories, ring binders, labels and pens you use can fit into this category as well? Take the Pilot B2P Pen line, for instance. These pens are made from recycled plastic bottles. They come in both ballpoint and gel ink and, as you can see below, they even come in fun colors!

I mentioned paper products for the kitchen and bath, but there are TONS of paper products used in the office. Not just copy/printer paper, but also file folders (hanging, interior, colored and manila), accordion files, sticky notes, labels, receipt books, purchase orders, checks, calendars, planners and more! If it’s made of paper, chances are it’s available made from at least partially recycled paper. Here’s just one example:

There are so many things we can do and change to help keep the Earth beautiful for future generations. Will you do your part?

Call your Account Manager or our Customer Care representatives for suggestions on substitute products. We’re here from 8am to 5pm Eastern time and ready to help!