Allergy Season is Upon Us - Stock Up on Essentials

Spring has sprung, trees and flowers are starting to bloom!  The grass is growing - and so are the sneezes, itches and watery eyes associated with allergies.  Pollen is actually present all year round, but it's much worse at this time of year.   You might have allergy meds on hand, along with lots of hand soap and facial tissues.

Yes, this is definitely not the time to run out of facial tissues, and we've got a great item for you - the Kleenex zip half pack.

The Kleenex zip half pack is a carton of 12 boxes of tissue that will keep you stocked up for all the sneezes and sniffles.  Each box has a signal alert feature to let you know when it's almost empty, so you'll never run out.  

How does it work, you ask?

Simple.  The last 10 tissues in the box are cream in color instead of white, so when the cream appears, you know the box is basically empty. 

If you have the Kleenex zip half pack, you have 12 full boxes to use!  And when you see that signal on the last couple boxes, it's time to stock up again!  Right now is a terrific time to order because we've got a great price on this item - only $18.99 per carton!  These are perfect for home and for the office.  If you're buying for a business, you know how fast tissues disappear, so pick up a couple of cartons before this price disappears!