Ask Us Anything!

It's been a little over two years since we started this blog and we hope that you have found it useful, informative, witty and, at times, fun.  I spend a lot of time trying to come up with interesting topics and things that I can share with you that will be interesting and timely.

So how am I doing?

 Is there something you'd like to know about that I haven't discussed? Are you looking for a particular item that you just can't find anywhere (or wonder whether it even exists)?  Do you want to know how to do something (like hooking up a new router)?  Do you want to know something about our company or our services?


It's your turn now.



Ask us anything!  Post your question here and I'll answer it.  If I don't know the answer myself, I'll find someone in the company who does.  

Let's start a conversation - you can answer questions too!  If someone posts a question and you know the answer, go ahead and reply.  We can share our information and help each other out. 

I throw down the gauntlet...............try to stump me.  Go ahead, ask!