Breakroom Furniture - Part 2

About a week ago, I wrote about breakroom tables and chairs and promised a post on cabinets and appliances.  In order to make your company breakroom employee-friendly, you need to finish your design with good storage and amenities.

Both HON and Alera have some attractive modular hospitality cabinets.  The HON system offers more versatility and configurations than the Alera, but I like the styling of the Alera better than the HON.  Here are the components of the Alera group:

And here's one possible configuration:

There are 3 color choices in this line - Cherry, Gray or Expresso. The Cherry and the Gray come with dark granite tops and the Espresso (shown here) comes with white counter tops.  I really like the styling of this series and I like the fact that all the doors have pulls.

As I've already mentioned, the HON series offers more versatility.  Instead of only 2 styles of base cabinets, there are 4 styles.  

There are 2 styles of wall cabinet and 4 widths of counter top to choose from, so you can already see how many different combinations you can come up with.

The HON cabinets come in either Natural Maple (shown here) or Mocha (Columbia Walnut has been discontinued for 2016) and the counter tops come in either Brilliant White or Light Gray.  Everything is ordered separately, so you can really customize the look.  If it seems like a daunting task to configure and install all these pieces, we can help!  We have interior designers and professional installers on staff to take those jobs off your plate.  We can measure your space and give you diagrams with options and when your products arrive, we can install it all for you.  

Before I leave you today, I'd like to touch briefly on kitchen appliances.  This is one type of item that you may not think of us for when you need them, but we do carry a wide selection of coffee makers, toasters, toaster ovens, refrigeratorsmicrowave ovens, blenders and even countertop convection ovens.  Everything you need to have a convenient, relaxing breakroom for your hard-working staff.  Take a look at everything we have to offer - I'm sure you'll find just what you need!