Calendar Season is Under Way!

If you haven't already purchased your 2017 calendars and planners, now is the time to do so!  Many people wait until the new year and then have a difficult time finding the one they like - or even one that's close to what they want.

I always tell clients that the calendar industry works the same way the clothing industry does - you go into a store in July looking for a new bathing suit and all they have in stock are winter things (coats, sweaters, etc.).  Go into a store in January looking for a pair of winter boots and you will find bathing suits.   The calendar industry releases the next year's items in late spring of the previous year, so the 2017's have been on the shelves since about June.  By the time January 2017 rolls around, they're just about sold out.  



We still have a great selection of desk calendars,


Gather the requisitions from your staff members and get your orders in before your favorites are gone!