Charge Up and Go!

May is Enjoy Your Work month and in our weekly eblasts we’ve been featuring items to make your work life better - and fun! Fun office supplies, breakroom treats, cool tech, comfy seating and more.

Today I’d like to show you the ChargeTech Power Table.

This is an awesome tech device for your office! It has 12 tamper-proof industrial grade braided cables - 6 Apple lightning and 6 micro-USB for Android devices. It also has a Qi wireless charging pad for the latest devices like iPhone X and Galaxy S9. It offers fast charging technology so you don’t have to wait forever to get going again. And it’s a fantastic feature to provide to visitors to your office! It’s perfect for your reception area, showroom or breakroom. Schools and restaurants or other retail locations are perfect for this as well.

Everyone has multiple devices - phone, laptop, tablet - and how many times have you forgotten to charge your device before leaving home? With the Power Table, those worries are over. If you have a large office, get multiples. Have one on each floor or put one in the lounge for visitors and one in the office area for the staff.

Think about the convenience it offers. Your customers will remember you for this perk. It’s really a must-have in today’s digital world. Customer Service is more than just answering phones - and providing the Power Table is a service your customers will appreciate.