Color Your World

Summer is here and furniture projects are hot right now!  We have a lot going on in the Interior Design department and it is all about COLOR!  We are seeing color pop up in all industry segments – from Education to Public Sector to Office and Manufacturing.  

As designers, we love the opportunity to personalize your space for your business.  We bring together color, pattern and texture to create a space that not only looks better, but functions better as well.  Color changes the mood – and that has a serious effect on productivity.  Not to mention branding!  Your space is a presentation of your business – it communicates to visitors who you are and what you do.  How can we help?  From full-scale remodels to replacing a few pieces of furniture, our designers can step into your space and make expert recommendations.

New Product for our Design Toolbox!

We are quite excited about Patcraft’s new Infrastructure carpet collection.  Why?  It’s all about CUSTOM COLOR for your business.    This collection offers custom color options at an amazing price point.

Sneak Peek! Color Palette for an OEX Design client.

Want to match that unusual shade of purple from your logo?  No problem! 

Have two branding colors and had trouble finding something to bring them together?  No problem!

The Infrastructure Collection features 3 patterns of Modular Carpet and 2 coordinating Broadloom Carpets with 24 Accent Colors - In Stock - and another 140 options available in 6-8 weeks.

Come visit our showroom!  Browse our extensive Patcraft library and speak with one of our designers - we’ll help you bring your vision to life!