Don't Touch Me!

June is National Safety Month. There are oodles of ways to keep employees safe at work - which ones come to mind first for you? Probably fire extinguishers, wet floor signs and safety goggles. Excellent choices! But I’d like you to think a little ….. simpler.

Think about germs. How do you control germs in your office? They’re not just something that you need to think about during the winter. People get sick year-round and spread their germs and a great way to combat the problem is to install touch-free dispensers in the restrooms, kitchen and public areas. This simple action helps to cut down on the number of surfaces those germs are being spread to, which, in turn, helps to reduce the number of employees getting sick from the office environment. Fewer sicknesses = fewer missed days.

Let me show you just a few of the many options we have to offer. There are touch-free dispensers for soap:

For hand sanitizer:

And for paper towels:

Most of the newer models have long lasting batteries that rarely, if ever, need changing. There are even some like the Rubbermaid Commercial Auto Foam Dispenser that are battery-free! It’s self-powered by any indoor light source.

What could be simpler? Switch to touch-free and make your office a safer place to be!