End Tab Filing Must-Haves!

If you work in an office that uses an end tab filing system, you will appreciate today's topic - especially if you've ever run out of file folders and needed to make some new files.  Instead of having to wait until your office manager or company purchasing agent processes your request for additional folders, you can make an end tab folder quickly and easily from any top tab pocket folder, pressboard folder or expanding file jacket you have in your office.

Introducing Tabbies File Folder End tab Converter Extenda Jacket Strip.

The Extenda Jacket Strip is a self-adhesive strip that you apply to the backside of your folder or jacket and it creates an instant 3/4" end tab.   You can apply your end tab labels to it before adhering it to the folder if you want to.   It saves you time and expense and is a great way to recycle  and repurpose perfectly good folders, pockets and jackets.  They come in a box of 100.

A companion to the Extenda Jacket Strip is the Cov'R'Tab Color Code Cover Label

Also from Tabbies, this label allows you to reuse old folders by covering up the coding labels with a brand new, clean strip.  Simply apply it to the folder end tab over the existing labels and wrap it around the back of the end tab.  The old labels won't show through and you have a seemingly brand new folder!  These are sold in packs of 50.

Now, I know that some of you out there are wishing for an even easier solution.  Never fear - Smead has you covered with the End Tab Convertible File Pockets.

This folder is both a top tab AND an end tab folder all in one!  The end tab panel is scored to fold backward, which allows you to instantly convert the pocket from an end tab to a top tab.  It's designed for those files that are stored in a shelf filing system, but frequently used and placed in desk drawers or for shelf files that are eventually moved into storage boxes and archived.  They have a fully lined Tyvek gusset and come 10 per box in either a 3.5" expansion or a 5.25" expansion.  

It's a new year and I have lots of things to share with you.  Stay tuned - more to come!