Trivia Contest - Win a Prize!

It’s Trivia Day! <the crowd roars>

A couple questions ago, I tasked you with matching the character from a children’s TV show to their sidekick. Today we’re going to do something similar. I’d like to thank Andrew from Detroit Hoist and Crane for submitting today’s question. <Applause>

Today’s topic is:

Famous Pets

Match the character with their pet.

Charlie Brown Rajah

Jon Arbuckle Dino

Fred Flintstone Snoopy

George Jetson Abu

Aladdin Tiger

Princess Jasmine Garfield

The Brady Bunch Mr. Jinx

Calvin Astro

Jack Byrnes Hobbes

Photo by arebella at

Photo by arebella at

Email your answer to before end of day Monday, May 20 for a chance to win:

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Good Luck!

Last question: How do you spell Koepplinger’s? Bonus question: Who was the celebrity spokesperson featured in this commercial?

Answer: B-R-E-A-D. Dom DeLuise was the spokesperson.

Thanks for visiting - I hope you had fun. If you have a trivia tidbit that you think would make a good question, email it to me at like Andrew did. If I use it, I’ll send you a small gift!