For the Artist in You.................

Back in one of my very first posts, I told you that I love office supplies and that pens are my favorite toys.  Let's change that to "writing utensils are my favorite toys"  because I like to play with markers and highlighters too.  And sometimes pencils.  Today I'm here to introduce you to the BIC® Magic Marker® brand Window Markers

These are a fun item that you can use to release your inner artist while advertising your company's new item, service,  or current sale.  They come in red, white, yellow, and pink in both bullet and chisel tips.  Blue is also available in the jumbo chisel tip. 

I tried the yellow and red markers at home to see if they live up to their advertising.  The package says that the ink is specially designed to adhere to glass and mirrors and provides vibrant color on both transparent and dark surfaces.  They are made with water-based ink, so clean-up is done with a wet cloth. 


Before I go any further, you have to make me a promise.  You have to promise not to laugh at my artwork.  You may not scroll down unless you promise.  If you don't promise I will be forced to use my magic powers to take control of your mouse and prevent it from scrolling down the page.




OK, that's good - we can continue.  Keep in mind that I never claimed that I could draw.......


So this was my attempt at creativity with the markers.  As you can see, the colors are indeed vibrant - look at how bright my tulip is (bottom window, lower left - just in case you can't tell).  These drawings were on a normal glass window.   The surface appears black, but that's because it was nighttime.

These are similar to paint markers in that you have to shake them first and then depress the tip on a couple of times on a firm surface to start the ink flowing.  It takes a little while for the ink to get to the tip the first time you use the marker, but after that, it flows easily.  I tried just pressing and holding the tip as the instructions say to, but the ink didn't seem to come into the tip until I let go and pressed a second time.  Perhaps I'm just impatient.

The markers write smoothly on the glass - I had no problems at all.  The ink is not runny and does not drip down the surface - you can see that by my lovely pictures.  After I made my drawings, I walked away and amused myself with fantasy football for a while and then came back to try to clean the windows.

I used a wet paper towel and the ink dissolved immediately, however, it left significant residue on the window even after I wiped it dry with a dry paper towel, so I had to repeat the process.  It's not really a big deal and it wasn't difficult (no elbow grease needed) but I thought I should mention it because it might be a bit more bothersome on a large commercial window than it was on my sidelight.  (At least, after being wiped down twice, my windows were very clean!)

The jumbo chisel tip marker is quite large - it's longer than the bullet tip version and it's almost an inch in diameter.  I like the way it feels in my hand, and, if you are going to do a major piece of window art, you're definitely going to want the comfort of the larger barrel.  The bullet tip version is the size of a standard permanent marker or highlighter and is best for your finer details.

Another thing that I like is that they are very low odor.  There is a tiny bit of a smell to them, but it's very mild and dissipates quickly, unlike other brands of markers in the stores.  You won't get lightheaded using these markers.

There are many uses for window markers. 

As I said at the beginning, you can use them to advertise an event or a sale.  They're a great item for schools, day care centers, or grocery stores.  Use them at home to write reminder notes on the mirror or decorate your car windows. 

I like this item.  They're fun, easy to use, and inexpensive.  I have just one wish - I hope that BIC® comes out with a few more colors.  I'd also like to have orange, green, purple, black and brown.