Fun Facts about....the Ballpoint Pen

Did You Know...........

  • That the ballpoint pen was invented in 1899 in Budapest by a journalist who got the idea from watching a child roll a marble through a puddle?
  • An American version debuted in New York City in 1945, for $12.50 each.  Gimbel's Department store sold over $100,000 in pens that day.  
  • The American version was full of defects and was a failure.
  • A few years later, another American businessman introduced his version, the Paper Mate ballpoint pen, which worked much better and was a success.
  • Half of all the ballpoint pens sold in the world are Bics (which sold for just 19 cents when it debuted in 1959).  More than 100 billion Bic ballpoint pens have been sold to date.

The ballpoint pen - technology at it's best:

  • The battery never runs out.
  • You don't have to worry about getting a bad signal.
  • It can't get hacked.

Just thought you might like to know.


Source:  Wall Street Journal