Fun With Scissors

My house is not beige.  I am not decorating it so that somebody I sell it to years down the road will be happy - I am decorating it with what I like so that I will be happy while I live in it.  And I like COLOR.  (Having said that, my decorating kind of stalled and the house is a bit of a hodgepodge.   One of these days I may finish..............)

What does all that have to do with scissors?  Well, Fiskars and Westcott have some totally fun scissors to dress up your desk and make your day more fun when you use them.  They're not your normal, boring, solid-colored scissors.  They come in fun colors and patterns.  Take a look:

They all come with hardened stainless steel blades for long-lasting sharpness and both Fiskars and Wescott are well known for quality products.  They've both been around for many, many years.  Depending on the item, they offer either a limited 10-year warranty or a limited lifetime warranty.  And with the exception of the blue floral (FSK1945121003), all the items shown here are designed for either left or right-handed use.  

I like the two floral patterns the best, but the blue circles caught my eye as well.

 Who says office supplies have to be boring?