Trivia Contest - Win A Prize!

It's that time of year - time when people start their Christmas shopping.  (What's that?  You started yours in July, you say?)  People will stream into Toys 'R Us, Meijer, Walmart and Target stores across the country looking for good deals on everything from clothing to electronics and toys and will stash them away for a couple of months.  

Did I say toys?  Why yes, yes I did.  Which, if you know me, leads me to today's topic:

Toy Trivia

In 1999, the cute, adorable Furby was banned from the National Security Agency's headquarters in Maryland.


Email your answer to before the end of the day Tues, Oct. 25 for a chance to win:

A Full Size Wired Mouse!

Good Luck!


Last week's question was:  What is the only number whose letters are in alphabetical order.

Answer:  F-o-r-t-y


Thanks for playing!!