How to Have Fun in the Office

Last week I wrote about the fact that employees like to feel appreciated.  Well, something else employees like is to have fun at work.  An occasional prank or practical joke helps to lighten the mood and make everyone's day a little more enjoyable.  From time to time, I search the web for posts about office humor and boy, did I find a good one this time!  

From the site, I give you excerpts from 23 People Who Know How to Shake Up a Dull Working Day at the Office.

A surprise present for the boss's birthday....

Source:   Unknown/lmgur

Source:  Unknown/lmgur

Someone has a lot of free time...

The T-Rex team

A typical business meeting?

A response to a request not to print large jobs...

And finally,  a flat cat!

Aren't those hilarious?  There are 17 more.............See the entire article on  Use these ideas as inspiration for your own office hijinks!