Trivia Contest - Win A Prize

Christmas is almost here - I can't wait!  I'm still a kid at Christmastime, even though I'm <cough> years old.  (Sorry - had a tickle in my throat.)  I've had some Christmas songs running through my head all week, so I decided to do another quiz devoted to Christmas Trivia, specifically:

Christmas Songs

Decipher these lyrics and name the Christmas songs to which they belong.  (All I need is the song title - you don't have to give me the lyrics.)

  1. The preliminary thought in my mind is that the current state of the world is similar to the way it looks in late December.
  2. Rhythmically encircling the circumference of the decorated coniferous evergreen.
  3. The climate of the outdoors is horrifying to some in contrast with the warmth of the indoor fireplace.
  4. The current meteorological state is enjoyable to travel upon in a toboggan accompanied by you.
  5. Traversing in a paradise appropriate to the season.

Email your answers to before next Wednesday for a chance to win:

A mystery box of office product goodies!

Good Luck!

The correct answer to last week's question is:  Because his name was Charlie.