Identify Theft - Has it Happened to You?

We live in a digital age.  Transactions are electronic now - we pay our bills online, make purchases online - even buy our coffee with our smartphones.  Technology is wonderful, isn't it?  


Until something goes wrong.


ID Theft is everywhere - has it happened to you yet?  It has to me.  Fortunately, an alert bank teller stopped it before it became a disaster for me.  Trying to restore your identity and credit rating, as well as recovering your money, is time consuming and frustrating.  It can take years sometimes and require a lot of hoops to be jumped through.  And you can incur a lot of expense in the process.  Just what you need, right?

With every technological advance comes someone trying to beat the system.  Websites are hacked and databases are stolen.  Personal information is bought and sold.  You have to worry about doing something as simple as buying gas - wondering if someone has installed a skimmer on the pump you're using.  The person behind you in line who is making polite conversation with you may be stealing your credit card information as you are talking.  We're all aware of the dangers - and it's up to each of us to safeguard our information to the best of our abilities.  

One way to do that is to use RFID protection sleeves.  These items are made of a material that will block the readers that the criminals are using to try to steal your information.   

HIDENTITY by Tarifold is a new product in the data theft protection category and it's made from Cryptalloy.  Cryptalloy exceeds the protection of other RFID protection materials and outperforms all other aluminum/copper protection materials.  It will provide maximum data and identity theft protection for any credit cards, ID cards, bank cards, driver's licenses, passports and the like that you have in your purse, wallet or briefcase at ALL frequencies - and the sleeves will protect your cards from scratching. This item comes as a set of 4 sizes - passport, double pocket card wallet, 2-card sleeve protector and ID badge holder - each in an attractive black finish.

I'd like to see these sold as packs of like items - like a 4-pack of the 2-card sleeve protectors or a 2-pack of the double pocket card wallets.  I do have a passport but it's been many years since I used it (over 20 years) and I don't need an ID badge holder, so those items are pretty useless to me.  Like everyone else, I have a driver's license, multiple credit cards, gift cards, insurance cards and the like, so those holders are what I would want to buy.  I'd prefer not to spend money on things I don't need and be able to buy just what I do need.  I give it 4 paperclips.

Protect yourself from identity theft by using HIDENTITY by Tarifold Data Theft Protection Sleeves.