Keep Your Employees Safe and Secure!

Employee safety is a top concern for any business.  Regardless of the type of business you have, there are always safety issues to address.  OSHA has rules and regulations that must be followed.  (Common sense provides some more.)  If you work in an office environment, you need first aid kits, fire extinguishers, exit signs and the like.  Warehouse/industrial buildings need things like hearing protection, hard hats, ladders, etc.

Today I'd like to highlight a few items for an industrial setting.  Let's start with that fire extinguisher.  It's vital to be prepared in case of an emergency and a fire extinguisher is a basic piece of equipment.  

The Kidde Pro 10 Fire Extinguisher has a 10lb. capacity and meets most commercial and industrial specifications.  It's rechargeable and impact-resistant.  UL rated 4-A:60-B:C.


Safety Tread Tape is designed to prevent slipping and provide safe footing on indoor and outdoor wet areas.  


Another tape you may need is honeycomb tape.  This tape is reflective and photoluminescent.  It reflects white in the light and glows bright green in total darkness.


Also reflective, this safety arrow is designed for use on vehicles to alert drivers to a potential danger.  I can see uses inside the a warehouse as well - for instance, on walls to create a path to guide staff to the closest exit.


I mentioned hearing protection earlier.  Don't take chances with exposure to loud noises. Use ear muffs to protect your ears.   

These are just a few of the items we carry.  From personal protection to facility supplies, we can help you with all your safety concerns.  Ask for a copy of our Safety at Work catalog or call our Customer Care department at 877-795-2600 for more information.