Make Your Meetings More Effective

by Diana L. Martin

Meetings are a regular part of the office environment. You may like them or you may hate them, but they are a fact of office life. Are you and your staff getting the most out of yours? If not, it’s time to get organized and get the right tools to make your meetings more effective.

Audio visual equipment plays a large part in the meeting equation. Whiteboards, projectors, projection screens, and laser presenters are some key components of effective communication. Use of visual aids as a method of communication starts in grade school and has been proven to be a more effective way to get a message across than words alone. People will remember more of the message if they see it, rather than just hear it and getting your point across effectively is essential to a successful outcome.

Whiteboards come with a large variety of options - and even colors - now. Lorell has a line of colored glass boards that can really make your meetings pop. In addition to the standard white, you can get them in green, blue or black. We have a blue on on display in our showroom - stop by and see it! The black one can make a striking display when used with neon dry-erase markers. The style factor has improved as well - yes, you can still get a basic aluminum or wood frame, but now there are more modern, stylish frames to coordinate with your office interiors.

For meetings on the road, there are also portable options - dry erase rolls that can be cut to any size and travel with you to your destination. And a while back, I wrote about the Rust-Oleum Write-On paint that allows you to turn any wall into a dry erase surface. The options are endless!

Projection is still a staple of the boardroom and having a good projector is essential. Epson is known for its quality projectors and we carry the Epson PowerLite line, which offers a variety of configurations. Pair that with a good laser presenter and, if you desire, a Quartet projection screen to make your meetings more productive.

If you need help choosing the right combination of items, call us at 877-795-2600 or call your account manager directly and we can set you up with the perfect products for your business!