Make Your Office Welcoming - Office Must-Haves!

Something that I frequently see missing when I go to an office is a place to hang my coat. If I'm only going to be there for a short time I'll keep my coat on, but if it's going to be an extended visit I'd prefer to hang it up somewhere and it always surprises me when I don't see some sort of coat rack in the reception area.

 Now obviously, if your company is a very large one with multiple floors,

Photo credit:  Basil Childers

Photo credit:  Basil Childers

you may not have coat racks in the main reception area since your clients will be going to the individual offices of the person they came to see and they probably wouldn't want to leave their coat in the main lobby.  In that case, the rack would most likely be in the person's office that they are visiting.  Small to medium size companies would have just the one waiting area and the amenities would be located there.  

Coat racks are a simple way to make your clients comfortable, yet, like the post I did earlier on lamps, they are often a forgotten amenity.  They are needed all year round - winter coats, spring jackets, rain coats.....   Did I say rain coats?  Yep.  It's spring now - and that means April showers!  Yay - no more snow for our part of the country!  (I know, I know....don't jinx it....)  But who wants to carry around a wet coat?  No one.  They want to take it off and be comfortable while they are in your office.    

And while we're discussing rain, do you have a spot for your clients to put their wet umbrellas?  Not only does your client not want to carry that around, but I'm sure you don't want it dripping all over your floors either.  Solution:  Umbrella stands, of course.

Both of these items are simple and inexpensive solutions to a common issue.  And if you don't already have a beverage station in your reception area, consider adding a Keurig machine as well.   

Make your office welcoming to your clients.  Show them that you're glad they came and that you are happy to help them.  Little touches make a big impression.  

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