Making a Presentable Table

So your company is hosting a dinner.  Perhaps it's a regional meeting or the annual employee Christmas party.  You want to make an elegant table - not just paper plates and paper cups.  We have a line of fine porcelain dinnerware, along with stainless steel cutlery and tempered glassware that can help you accomplish the perfect look.

Introducing Chef's Table Fine Porcelain.  

Chef's Table Fine Porcelain dinnerware is attractive and sophisticated, but durable enough for every day use.  And it's dishwasher and microwave safe.  It comes in your choice of round or square plates; a 7 oz bowl and 16 oz coffee mugs complete the ensemble.  

Pair the dinnerware with a modern pattern of Office Settings stainless steel cutlery (also dishwasher safe)

and your choice of 3 styles of fully tempered glassware.  The Cozumel glasses are my personal favorite.


Add some white dinner napkins and your table is ready.  Enjoy!