Managing Your Budget - Cleaning & Janitorial

Part of any company’s budget is cleaning and janitorial supplies – also referred to as Jan/San.  Every business needs to put forth a neat, professional appearance for its customers as well as handling normal sanitation like cleaning restrooms and kitchens. 

Even if you outsource the major part to a cleaning company, you still need basic supplies like toilet tissue, facial tissue, dish soap and paper towel and those items can take a bite out of your budget.  We can help you tame that budget with our large selection of jan/san products.  “Office products” used to be just items like pens, pencils and paper, but times have changed and the office products industry now includes so much more than only those types of items.

Not only do we carry basic cleaning supplies, but we also carry equipment like vacuum cleaners (corded, cordless, hand vacs, stick brooms, wet/dry) and supplies (bags, filters), commercial brooms and replacement brush heads and handles, wring buckets, commercial high-capacity cleaning carts, mops, mop heads, carpet sweepers and wet floor signs.

Our cleaning supplies range from retail-type cleaners like Clorox, Lysol and Palmolive to professional-grade brands like Zep and Diversey and green choices like Seventh Generation.  We have products for every part of your facility, including a large assortment of restroom products like towel dispensers, automatic air freshener dispensers, soap dispensers as well as the refills to go with them.

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