Fun and Interesting Facts About Office Supplies

Here are a few interesting facts that I'll bet you don't know about office supplies:

Yellow fluorescent highlighter ink accounts for approximately 85% of all highlighter sales.  This is because yellow is the middle spectrum of visible light and works well for people who are color blind.

Typists' fingers travel an average of 12.6 miles each working day, which means that, on average, their fingers could do nearly two and a half marathons each work week!


The production of a modern laser toner cartridge requires about a gallon of crude oil and an inkjet cartridge uses 2.5 ounces of oil, which is a big reason why printer ink and toner is so expensive.

When you pick up a pen to try it for the first time, 95% of people always write their name.

When asked what is noticed first in business meetings, 82% of people said they first notice an office supply items like a stylish journal, file folders or pens versus someone's shoes (18%).

And last, but not least, if you have some dried up permanent markers, you can revive them with a little bit of rubbing alcohol.  (Use water for non-permanent markers.)


And now you know.