Most Improved Product of the Day Award

How many of you make mistakes at work?  (Come on now, I should be seeing a lot more hands than that.)  What do you do when you fill in a form with the wrong information or accidentally spell something incorrectly that you’re writing by hand?  Do you throw out the form and start over?  Probably not.  If you’re like most people, you reach for correction fluid or correction tape – and then you either wait (and wait, and wait) for the fluid to dry or you try to avoid writing over the edge of the tape.

Well not me!  A few years ago, Pilot Pen came out with a pen they call the Frixion, which is an erasable gel pen.  The original version was a stick pen and, quite frankly, it didn’t work very well.  I was underwhelmed.  However, they’ve made substantial improvements to the product, including introducing a retractable version called the Frixion Clicker, and now it is absolutely phenomenal!  Call me a geek, but I love office supplies.  I love seeing new products and getting samples to play with, and, for some reason (I don’t know why), pens are my favorite.  I'm like a kid in a candy store.  So when this pen came out, I couldn’t wait to try it. 


It writes smoothly and erases cleanly – even days after you originally wrote the document.  It not only comes in the traditional (read: boring) colors of black, blue and red, but you can get it in a set of 7 pens that includes pink, purple, green and turquoise!  I am in heaven!  I have been using these every day at my desk for quite a while now and – get this – they also come in highlighters!  And they're refillable!  It’s practically the only pen I use.  There are multiple styles - you can find them on here on our website.  You've got to try these - trust me on this one!

Source:  YouTube

(One caveat from  *Note: Erasable pens are not recommended for use on legal or office documents. Do not expose to extreme temperatures (<14°F; >140°F).  If pen is exposed to temperature that reaches 140 degrees Farenheit, the ink will be colorless when writing. To restore color, cool to at least 14 degrees Farenheit in freezer and the ink will again write in color.)

This pen wins my “Most Improved Product of the Day” award - Congrats!