National Fire Prevention Week

Hello Everyone - October 4-10 is National Fire Prevention Week.  Safety in the workplace is a hugely important topic and fire prevention is nothing to skimp on.  Is your company in compliance with OSHA regulations?

What do OSHA standards require?

Fire Exits

  1. There must be at least 2 doors or other means of escape for fire emergencies and they may not be close to each other.
  2. Routes to the fire exits must be free of obstructions and properly marked with exit signs.
  3. Fire doors must not be locked or blocked from the inside when employees are in the building.

Fire Extinguishers

  1. If employers want employees to fight small fires, proper fire extinguishers must be available, maintained and inspected, and employees must be trained to use them.
  2. Employees who will be fighting the fire must be trained on the hazards involved, how to properly use the fire extinguisher, and how to alert other employees to the danger.

Written Emergency Plan

  1. If employees are to evacuate instead of fighting small fires, an employer must have a written emergency plan.
  2. Employees must be trained so that they know the evacuation signal and what to do in the case of an emergency.
  3. Designate evacuation routes and procedures to account for all evacuated employees.
  4. Establish ways to alert employees to the fire emergency.
  5. Assign responsibilities for procedures to shut down critical operations and to perform rescue and medical duties.
  6. Identify persons who can provide more information.

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This week, take a careful look at your company's fire safety level and emergency preparedness.  Don't wait until after the disaster strikes - do it now.  Check your sprinkler system and your smoke detectors - make sure they are in working order.  Equip your business and your employees with the necessary knowledge and tools to prevent fire.  You can save a life.