New Product Quick Take - Designer Bookmark Dividers

This one's for the women in my audience.  I don't mean to be politically incorrect, but honestly, I just don't see a guy wanting any of these.  Ladies, if you keep a journal, use a planner or appointment book or just want an easy way to subdivide a ring binder but you don't want or need whole index dividers, this product is for you!

Introducing the Avery Snap-In Plastic Bookmark Dividers.

They are a snap (pun intended) to use!  There's a slit near the hole that allows you to just snap the bookmark over the rings of the binder - without having to open the rings.  You can customize them with the included labels that work in either inkjet or laser printers - or if you prefer, you can handwrite the labels.  You can also go to and use their online print tools to customize them with lots of different fonts, templates and designs if you like.

There are 5 pretty and fun designs in the set and you get all of them - you don't have to choose!

I think these are neat.  (Does anyone aside from me still say "neat"?)  They're inexpensive and fun.  Avery also offers binders, tabs, pocket dividers and folders to match if you want to go all out. Each item in the collection has a pop of color to brighten your day.  

You can find these items - as well as more stylish products - on our website. Visit us today!