New Product Review: Corner Organizer

Today I have a product from Smead to share with you.  As you know, Smead is one of the big manufacturers of filing and organizational office products and is known for its innovation.  (Plus, it is a women-owned company.)

The new Corner Organizer File is a way to maximize the corner space on your desk.  

It has 7 pockets, which each expand to around 2.5" when the organizer is fully stretched, but the pockets are flexible, so you can put a lot in one pocket and not so much in the adjacent one if you want to.  The outer cover is a thick and extremely sturdy navy blue leather-look material (pressboard?).  It's an attractive piece that will not only be functional and help you eliminate clutter on your desk, but will look good also.

It measures 13.5" from the rear point to the front edge and can accommodate both end tab and top tab letter-size file folders. Having said that, using it with top tab folders wouldn't be very efficient unless they were all third position tabs because when the folder is inside the organizer, you can't see the top tab - except for the very end part - so you won't be able to see what's in the folder you're grabbing.  End tab folders make a lot more sense to use with this item in my opinion.

 The accordian-style allows you to expand the organizer as the need arises.  The unit is quite large when it is fully opened, but you can customize the size to a degree by the amount of files you put into it. The top and bottom are both mylar reinforced at the front edge for added strength.  It's a very substantial, well-made piece that should serve you well while taking advantage of a frequently under used area on your desktop.  I see no real negatives with this piece, so I give it 5 paper clips.