New Product: Scotch Flex & Seal Shipping Roll

Every business needs to mail larger envelopes and packages - some of us more frequently than others - and it can be frustrating and annoying when you don’t have the right size box or padded mailer for the item you need to send.

3M has introduced a new product that it says eliminates the need for boxes, styrofoam/padding, tape and envelopes. It’s called Flex and Seal Shipping Roll and it’s composed of three layers - an outer waterproof layer, a middle bubble layer and the inside adhesive layer. It’s a simple concept - simply cut the material to size, insert your item, press to seal and attach the shipping label. It comes in multiple size rolls and you can make the package as large or small as you need.

Here’s a short video to show you how it works:

Source: You Tube

We thought it was pretty cool when we saw it. We sealed an item inside and tried to pull it apart to see how strong the adhesive is. It’s strong - we got the outer layer separated from the bubble layer, but didn’t succeed in opening the compartment where the item was. Some of us were skeptical about its ability to protect fragile items though, so of course, well, you know what’s coming next….

I took a small ceramic frog that I had at home, packaged it up and mailed it to myself. As you can see below, it’s an odd-shaped item with pointy edges, so I figured it was a good test.

Much to my surprise, the package arrived at my house the very next day - and when I opened it, my frog was completely intact. Not even a hairline fracture. Not only does the frog have pointy surfaces, but it is solid and heavy - the package weighed 10 ounces. Even though my test was successful, I don’t think I’d ship a champagne flute (or something like that) in it, but I’m pretty darn impressed with this product.

I think it’s a great solution to a very common problem - and it’s also environmentally friendly because it is recyclable. You can see the product on our site here.

I give it 5 paper clips!

5 paperclips.png