Product Spotlight - Skins Fashion Stapler

Here's a neat idea from Swingline - a stapler that you can customize.  The Skins Fashion Stapler is a half-strip stapler that can staple up to 20 sheets of paper and it uses standard staples.  

The stapler itself is white, as shown in the picture here.  The package contains a special code, which you enter online at and then you choose the design you like the best.  You can also upload a personal design from your computer.  The skin is basically a sticker,  which Swingline says is easy to apply and remove.  I haven't done it myself, but when my son was little we bought skins for his Gamecube (am I giving away my age?) and they were easy to apply.  

When the skin arrives in the mail, simply wipe down the stapler to remove any dust, and apply the skin - it's that easy.  You receive 3 pieces - 1 for the main body and 2 slim pieces for the bottom sides.  I've included a few pics of some sample designs for you to see.  The first skin is free with the code included in your package.  You can replace the skin with a new one at any time.  What I can't tell you is whether there's a way to keep the one you took off and reapply it later.

I love fun things like this - how cool to have your own personalized item!  You could get your favorite sports team, your kid's college logo (or yours), your favorite cartoon, a piece of art, a picture of your pet...the possibilities are endless.  The Skinit site has TONS of designs! 

Here's a short video that I think you'll enjoy: