New Product Spotlight - Staple Free Staplers

Yes, you read that correctly.

These aren’t technically new – they’ve been around – but not many people know they exist.  We’ve received a smattering of calls at the office from customers looking for them because they heard someone mention them and wanted to know if it’s true.  Yes Virginia, the staple-free stapler does exist – and we have it!

Introducing the Kokuyo Staple-Free Stapler.  It comes in full size (white or black) and compact size (light pink or light green). 

Secure multiple sheets of paper together without the use of staples using this innovative, staple-free stapler.  This stapler is a safe alternative to traditional staplers, as well as economical and environmentally friendly.  It punches, folds and locks pages together in one continuous motion.  It is made of durable, high-impact plastic and is always ready to use, so you never have to worry about refilling it.  The compact version “staples” up to 4 sheets at a time and the full size handles up to 7 sheets.  (And it’s cute – sort of looks like a whale to me.)

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re asking yourself:  Can it be called a stapler if it doesn’t use staples?  Well, it’s funny that you asked that question.  While the staple-free stapler is still relatively new in the world of office supplies, it’s actually been around for over a century.  A little history lesson:

Bump Paper Fastener

The original staple-free stapler was called the Bump Paper Fastener and was invented by George P. Bump in 1910 and patented in 1913.  It worked the same way – it cut a triangular hole in the paper, then folded and inserted the punched paper into an additional slice that was also cut.  It was the ultimate in green technology.  The first version was a tabletop model, which was soon followed by a handheld version.  The handheld version is shown below.   Source:

Another version of the staple-free stapler was called the Clipless Paper Fastener and it was invented around 1910 or 1911 and patented in 1916.  Source:

There were two models of this one also:

Clipless Paper Fastener

Clipless Stand Model

(Just thought you might like to know.  Go now, empowered with this information, and amaze your friends with your newfound knowledge……………)