New Product: To Do Lists

I am a list writer.  I am constantly writing to do lists for both home and work.  My family makes fun of me and my lists sometimes, but it keeps me organized - so when I saw the new To Do Lists from Tops, I thought "Cool!  I'll grab a few pads." 

As you can see, they come in bright, fun colors.  The left column is titled "Do It Now" and the right column is titled "Do It Later" and there are check boxes on the right side of each column for you to check off when you've completed that task.  They're 5" x 8" size (not too big, not too small) and are ruled in the same bright color as the header strip.

Are these the only To Do Lists on the market?  "Why are you showcasing them as a new product?" you ask?  No - they're not the only To Do Lists out there.  We carry some that are 8.5" x 11" and also some that are in books, made from carbonless paper.  And lists are certainly not ingenius new items that no one has ever seen before.  Nor will they save the world.  They will, however, save me.  I live and die by my daily To Do Lists and these just caught my eye because they're not boring black or blue like the other ones.  I like the vibrant colors and the pop of the graphics and the sheets are microperfed so you can tear them off and take them with you. They're new from Tops and they're fun. I'll give them 3 paper clips.

I just have one question:  the left column is titled "Do It Now."  If I'm going to do it now, why do I need to write it on the list?  Hmm.