New Products: The Cable Corral

I think it's safe to say that most people either own a personal computer or work with one at their job, so I'm sure you will understand when I say that I really, really HATE the jungle underneath my desk.  I have a hard time comprehending how 4 pieces of equipment - computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse - can have 16 zillion cords attached to them.  Then they're plugged into the power strip or UPS backup device, which adds another cord.  And it seems like I'm kicking them all day long!




That's the slogan for a cool cable management product called the Cable Corral.  This ingeniously simple device made by TechDek Products collects your power strip and cables and mounts them under your desk, where they're neatly organized and out of your way.  Now, to be honest, to be completely organized, you'll still want to use some cable ties to secure the cables, but just take a look at this and you'll see what I mean.


BEFORE (look familiar?)

BEFORE (look familiar?)




The Cable Corral mounts quickly and easily under your desk or on a wall.  Then you simply load your power strip or small peripherals (like a router) into the cradle and you're done.  This short video shows you the installation:




There are two configurations and two sizes. The Cable Corral and the Cable Corral 2-way have 23 inches of holding space in the tray.  Cable Corral Jr. and Cable Corral Jr. 2-way have 11.5 inches of holding space.  The 2-way versions can be mounted either underdesk or on a wall, while the original versions are only for underdesk.



When you're watching the video, it looks a little clumsy the way they toss the power strip into the corral upside down after they screw it in place, but there's plenty of room to put it in right side up.  Now, you may be reading this and saying, "I've seen a similar product elsewhere."  And you'd be right - there is another product out there that is a lot like this one, BUT - there are some significant differences between them. 

  • First, the competitor is a bit more effort to install - and it comes with an 8-page instruction manual.  Yep - 8 pages!  The Cable Corral is so simple to install that it isn't necessary to even use 1 page. 
  • The competitor has posts in the middle of the tray, which take up valuable room and cut the capacity.  The Cable Corral installs with screws on the ends of the item, so you can use it's entire length.
  • The Cable Corral can mount under the desk or on the wall, while the competitor can only mount under the desk.
  • The Cable Corral is made in America.  Not only is it made in America, it's made right here in Michigan - not too far away from OEX's headquarters!  Buy American!
  • And last, but definitely not least, while both are made of steel, the Cable Corral is made of 100% recycled steel, so it's eco-friendly.

This item is an easy solution to a common problem.  I've been showcasing it as an office product, but you could use this in your home as well.  It really doesn't have to be used only for cables - you could use it to store anything to clear counter space.  Think of the mechanical room, the garage, the laundry room - even the kitchen.  

We'd love to have you try this and leave your comments below.  While this item is not eligible for next day delivery, we promise to get it to you quickly, so you can start wrangling the tangle!

I give it 5 paperclips.

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