Peek Behind the Curtain

I can’t believe I’ve been writing the OEX blog for five years! Five! We started in September 2014 with the hope that the articles would be informative, helpful, interesting and fun for our readers. The Wizard of OEX was created as our online persona and I’ve had a blast writing from “behind the curtain.” I’ve shared my thoughts on a variety of topics and have given you product reviews, how-to-guides and some just plain goofy stuff.

I’ll bet right now after reading that first paragraph, you think this is my farewell post , but fear not - I’m not going anywhere! I’m getting some helpers! OEX has a remarkable team of employees with expertise in a variety of areas. Our extremely talented staff is now going to share in the writing of the blog. You’ll not only be hearing from me, but also from Valerie, Kim and Richard, to whom we introduced you recently (Meet the Interior Design Team! June 17, 2019) and Sarah, in our print department, who will be enlightening you on promotional products and all things custom printed.

We understand what you need and we have experts to help. Now I’d like to formally introduce you to our “new” writing staff.

Our interior designers:

Design team.png

This is Sarah, our print guru:


and, from behind the curtain, me - Diana, the Wizard of OEX.


We look forward to continuing to provide you with insightful, helpful and fun articles each and every week. But you don’t have to wait for our eblast to arrive in your Inbox - you can find us anytime at Catch up on any past articles you missed and join us each week for a new topic! If there’s anything you’d like us to write about, post a comment or email it to us at - we love hearing from you!