Problem Solver: Accufit Can Liners

On Monday I posted a blog that was a buying guide to can liners.  Today I would like to introduce you to a specific kind of liner - AccuFit Can Liners.  AccuFit liners are unique because they are sized to snugly fit your waste can.  As you will see and hear in the video below, most can liners are very wasteful because they're too large for the container.  Take a look:

AccuFit liners are designed for a snug fit, proper overhang and the correct length for the four most common can sizes.  What does that mean to you?  

  • Greater ease of use - AccuFit sizing prevents the bag from falling down into the can.  How many times have you tried to change the bag only to find out that the weight of the trash has caused the bag to collapse down inside the can and now you have to go digging through the garbage to pull it back up?  Ewww.....
  • Cost savings - You don't pay for plastic you don't need.  Why not buy a right-sized bag?  
  • Environmentally friendly - No wasted plastic.  Less plastic going into landfills. Take a look at this comparison between the AccuFit bags and traditional bags:

AccuFit bags also have a star seal.  Why is that important? must not have read my Monday blog.  You really should do that - it has lots of good info.  Anyway, the star seal is the strongest type of seal for a can liner - it's the one you want.

The next time you need can liners, give AccuFit a try - then come back here and let us know what you think!