Problem Solver for the Classroom

Do you remember grade school?  I do.  Well, some of it.  One of the things that I remember is my mom always buying me a new box of crayons every year.  They got used a lot.  And what happens when you use them a lot?  Yuppers..............they get dull and they need to be sharpened.  I usually had the deluxe box - the one with the sharpener built into it.  It was definitely better than one of those little plastic handheld sharpeners, but it would eventually get clogged with crayon pieces that I could never get out and it was a pain to have to peel the crayon before you put it in the sharpener.

Teachers - here's a great tool for your classroom.  

When you looked at the thumbnail on the main page (before you clicked to read more) you probably thought it was a pencil sharpener, but NO - it's a crayon sharpener.  The CrayonPro Electric Sharpener to be specific.  Not only that, but it's the only crayon sharpener that automatically peels the paper back as it sharpens.  It also comes with a replacement cutter and a cleaning brush.  You can buy additional replacement cutters as necessary, so this isn't just another disposable sharpener.  It will help your students' crayons last longer - they will be able to use them down to the nub.  (That will make the parents happy.)

This item comes to you from Elmer's - a trusted company that has been in business for over 65 years - so you know it's a quality product.  Yes, you can still buy the little plastic sharpeners for a buck or two - but why would you want to when you can have this instead?