Problem Solvers: Chair Cushions & Back Supports

Even if you don't officially have back problems, if you spend 8 or more hours a day sitting at a desk, you're going to have days when your back is bothering you or that chair just doesn't feel good - it goes with the territory.  Many of you will purchase a back support and/or a seat cushion to ease the discomfort.  You get the cushions, put them on your chair and fiddle with them to find the right placement.  Sometimes that's all you need to do, but sometimes they just don't feel right and they don't help.  So you return it and try a different one.

There are many brands and versions on the market, but there is one brand in particular that can eliminate the guesswork for you - Master Manufacturing Comfortmakers Chair Cushions.

There are 4 versions - seat/back cushions in either polyurethane foam or memory foam and lumbar support cushions in the polyurethane or the memory foam.  What's so unique about these cushions?  They're the only cushions on the market that allow the user to adjust their shape and thickness.  Take a look at the images below - each cushion has a system of adjustable inserts that you can use to tailor them to the perfect fit for you.  Don't need them all?  Take some out.  Find the ones that create the perfect shape and thickness for your body.

No more trying, returning, and trying again.  Just one purchase.  I think this is a brilliant idea.  I give it 4 paperclips!