Problem Solvers - Dissolvable Labels

How many times have you purchased an item and tried to take the label off of it, only to get frustrated when it won't come off all the way (or at all)?  AAARRGH!  I hate that!  It comes off in strips and you can't peel the rest of it off.  Or, if you do get it off, it leaves a bunch of gunk behind that never completely disappears. It's especially maddening when it's a piece of glassware.

MACO  Label has a line of dissolvable labels that solves this problem.  Now, obviously it won't help you with the things you purchase in stores, but if you want to temporarily label something at home or at the office, these are genius!  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes - small oval, large oval, round and rectangle that you can write on or in ovals that are laser/inkjet compatible.

The labels easily disintegrate and wash away in water in seconds - no soaking required.   And they don't leave any sticky residue.  They're designed for temporary use for things like labeling your lunch container, potluck dish or storage bins, but they're also freezer safe so you could use them long term.  They're FDA compliant for use with food containers.  And, get this - it's safe to put the container in the dishwasher with the label still on it.  Maco says the label dissolves in seconds and won't harm the dishwasher.  They're safe to use on plastic, metal, glass and wood.


And one more thing - they're made in the USA.