Remembering Our Veterans

Twice each year we remember our armed forces with special holidays.  Cities hold parades and ceremonies at city hall and/or in cemeteries.  Today is one of those days - today is Veteran's Day.  This year is a little different though, because we just had a presidential election and that election has consumed the American people's thoughts and actions for many months.

My fear is that Veteran's Day will be overshadowed by the election and its aftermath.  Let us not forget to celebrate and remember the service men and women who fought to make this country great and to give us the opportunity to elect our president.  Please join with me and take a moment to reflect on the blessings we enjoy because of the bravery and sacrifices of our military.  

Our nation has survived many conflicts, including ones on our own soil, and we owe a debt of gratitude to our armed forces.  We continue to enjoy liberty that other nations don't have.  The Middle East is at war -  families are experiencing horrible tragedies - and we are safe at home.  Does our nation have problems?  Of course.  But we can go anywhere we want to go, wear whatever clothes we want to wear, be friends with anyone we choose.  Simple freedoms like that don't exist in many lands.  We have ours thanks to the Founding Fathers, the Constitution and Bill of Rights - and the United States military.  The military that has staunchly defended our country and our freedoms.


Please join with me and salute our service men and women.  We owe them so much.

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Office Express salutes our nation's armed forces.  God be with you and God bless you all.